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Monday, September 13, 2010

no- it's NOT a placenta- that's the other blog....

I spent yesterday afternoon dyeing some fiber and finished products , with a bright cherry red kool-aid dye. they turned out great- but looking at them in the bowl straight from the microwave, my other profession was showing--- man- that mass of dark red looks JUST like a placenta!

Reading the Knitty Blog today, I got very jealous of Jillian. I just can't seem to get my stash organized. There are bins of fiber in the garage, bins of fiber in the living room, baskets of fiber on the stairs, pile of yarn about everywhere, and I not only have little to no idea of what I actually have, I can't find fibers I actually KNOW I have. Hubby is frustrated, boo is frustrated, I am frustrated... there's got to be a better way.....

1 comment:

  1. slightly larger than shoebox sized transparent plastic tubs with sealing lids (to keep critters out).

    stacked on a utility shelf in my "office"
    However, I also have the issue of baskets, shopping bags, and just big mixing bowls/ tossed on various shelves full of balls of yarn, stuffing etc.

    My house is just about the same level of "avalanche" as yours. (not up to "the Hoarders" thank Cthulhu... but it would be if I didn't jump on it and demuck/reorganize semi regularly.)

    I did not inherit my mom's habit of constant regular keeping everything sorted and organized.
    (right now the box o eyeballs in my project basket needs sorting, and I need to attack it probably tonight or tomorrow.) Mom's rule was "if you take it out, put it away the MOMENT you are done with it." but I haven't been able to ingraine that, as much as she tried.