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Sunday, December 30, 2012

At the Doll rodeo.....

Naughty Lot ciimbed on Rocket's new bone for a ride
Lot went to Todd's birthday party.  Somehow, he didn't get to meet Todd all night, but he did make some other new friends.

Uh oh......

humph.... served him right.

Alistair consoles Lot

wow- her hair is just like mine!

you're BLUE?  and you wear a skirt? 

The Nac Mac Feegle Conspires with Alistair

SHHHHH... Whisper.......

Lot and the rest of the family watching the dog riding

Lot wants to try...

ummmm... maybe not such a good idea....

EEEK Lot is on the wrong end of a rope!

"HElp!  the Feegle, He's Got me!!!!!!"   "It's nae a skirrrrt, it's a KILT, ya great wee git!"

I'm sorry....

We'll say nae morrre aboot it then, sheepy.

Lot's new friends