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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Lot got BORED......

Lot found my box of mostly little things

Too Small
Too Big

Too Stripey

Wait.. What's That?


YESSSSSS!  Handspun Bison and Merino blend... and so stylish!

what's this?

Playing Wild Wool!

Guess who came to visit?

Lot is a sweet little Lamb, a fried of RJ Straw, over at MY BARN ON THE WEB.  He's got his own WEB PAGE chronicling his travels.  This week, he's here with me, at Luvin Ewe, handspun and handmade, in Milwaukee WI.  He's going to visit until after my friend Todd's 60'th birthday party on wednesday, then head out to see someone else.   We're going to have a LOT of fun!