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Monday, September 13, 2010

No ducks.. just Llamas

I went to the WI Sheep and Wool show in Jefferson WI with my friend Trinlay this weekend. It was our first trip, and it was overwhelming. Trin is a crochet and knit fiber artist, and I spin and knit. We each found LOTS to look at, fondle and but this weekend, but despite the name, neither of us managed to bring home any wool!

I fell in love with the rabbits in the first shop inside the door, and narrowly escaped without bringing one home. Lucky for the rabbit in question, as my house is far from bunny proofed! I did however bring home a couple of ounces of angora in a lovely natural blue/grey tone..... I also scored a few ounces of soy silk, and a lovely polymer spindle.

Trin bought llama and alpaca... LOTS of alpaca. over a thousand yards of llama and alpaca, maybe close to two thousand yards of llama and alpaca

Today we're going to finish turning skeins into balls, and I may be dying some wool bison blends that I have finished working up into Christmas ornaments. I promise pictures soon!

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  1. I've been making teeny doll sweaters for awhile... and now may include little hangers so they can ALSO be tree ornaments.

    I had a LOT of fun, and enjoyed all the yarn, totally broke the budget. (Ramen is on the menu for the rest of the month I think)