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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Washing Wool

Clean water
So today I finally got around to washing the Finn wool I picked up from Spry Whimsy at the Spin in.
Ingrid told me it was filthy when I bought it, and Boy! She was right!

First wash
It took five changes of water, before the water ran clean when I rinsed it.

First round of dirty water: yuck!

I used the kitchen sink,  (yes, mom, I know, I bleached it afterwards.) and filled both sides at the same time.

Third water change

That way the water had a decent chance of being the same temperature to avoid felting the wool. I used dawn dish soap in the first two changes of water.

Fourth change of water

After each water change, I would immediately refill the sink with hot water, to give it time to cool before placing the wool in it.

Fifth rinse water ran clear

I used a string bag to contain the wool, so that I could avoid agitating it as much as possible, to avoid felting it.

Rocket guards me and the wool!
That same bag is now hanging on my fence post, and hopefully the wool  will have enough chance to dry before the rain comes this afternoon.I spent a few minutes whipping it around in circles over my head, in giant circles on either side, getting my calisthenics in!  I'm sure the neighbors thought I was nuts.  You know, however, that I was using Centripetal force to drive the water out.

Next week, I'll be Carding and dyeing!

Fresh wool, clean and drying

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