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Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've recently gotten active over on Ravelry.  I'm having lots of fun, participating on the forums there.  I post as LuvinEwe, and I'm active on several swap boards, including the project bag swap and swag swap.  I'm really looking forward to my first project bag arriving. 

There's been an interesting thread over on the Tiny Owl Knits board ( you should check out her patterns! really nice stuff!) About swapping , target amounts to spend, and "over spoiling."  The consesus seems to be- Try not to give so much that your partner feels bad that they didn't/couldn't reciprocate.  The thing is- those "target dollars" spent-  do you count the value of what you pull from stash? or just the value that you actually outlay on new, just for your partner items?  How do you value time spent in making handmade items?  My personal feeling, is that I would rather get one lovely handmade treat- an ornament or something else small and cute, than anything store bought, no matter how much is spent.  I value the time and thought put into a swap package far more than cash outlay. 

My next two swaps will be on the "Reducio Sock" board- a Harry Potter themed mini sock swap, and "once upon a time" a fairy tale themed mini sock swap.  I've got lots of cool ideas already, and can't wait to have partners assigned.....

I'll post my swap swag as it comes- I hope you enjoy seeing my packages as much as I do, and that it will encourage you to join a swap or two, too!  (look at all the to's in that last sentence- and all used properly- I'm so proud of that!)

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