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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Blustery Week?

Monday was grey and windy, Tuesday was grey and windy , Yesterday was lovely, if you discount the wind.  Beautiful sunny blue skies... so I decided to find a sheltered spot, and take photos of stuff for ETSY.  It only sort of worked.  Got LOTS of great photos, in between chasing mittens, stocking and scarves trying to escape down the driveway.  At one point the WHOLE BIN took off down the driveway- that's when I decided I had enough to work on for the day......

here are some of yesterday's raw shots....

A christmas stocking

A pair of child sized mittens,

More shots of the half gloves (need to take a shot of them on someone's hands)

an Elf hat for a newborn or doll,

The brushed plush bison mitten
and lots of others........

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